#SundayInterview. Global computational grid


The market is currently dominated by four major players. Due to their oligopolistic dominance they’re capable of hampering any competition. IAGON is able to compete with these companies by uniting multiple unused smart device resources into one grid and offering decentralized storage capacities and processing power over the blockchain/tangle grid with a competitive and lower pricing – says Dr Navjit Dhaliwal, CEO at IAGON, in Bithub.pl’s #SundayInterview.

How are AI and blockchain related?

Navjit Dhaliwal: In IAGON’s platform there are two aspects: 1) How blockchain can assist AI, and 2) How AI can assist blockchain and cloud services in general. IAGON’s technology unites “miners” who contribute their computing power (storage, CPU and GPU in computers, servers and data centers) to a central grid, where users can use it and pay them for their contribution, facilities, energy costs, etc. The result is a decentralized cloud that functions as a super-computer and benefits its participants. Nowadays, companies developing AI purchase processing power from centralized services (such as AWS) for high prices. Our aim is to develop this platform to support AI and Big Data operations and to reduce their costs, thus to help developing innovation in these fields.

You want to create a global supercomputer powered by AI and blockchain. What’s the idea in detail and how are you planning to accomplish it?

ND: IAGON’s major aim is to revolutionize the cloud and web services market by off04ering a decentralized grid for storage and processing tasks. By joining the unused storage capacity of servers and personal smart devices and their processing power into one computational grid and allocating processing tasks and uploaded files, we can create a super-computer and a super data center.

Iagon’s solution is based on joining multiple servers and smart devices by utilizing their free storage capacities to store file fragments in an anonymous and in the most secure manner and by operating their processors in idle times for parallel conduction of allocated tasks. Powering the computational processing and storage grid with the blockchain/tangle technology ensures the complete security of both miners and users, their anonymity and privacy and the complete integrity of the tasks and the files transferred, processed and stored on IAGON’s Smart Grid.

What are IAGON’s features specifically?

ND: Cloud computing is an emerging computing paradigm that enables information technology infrastructure and software to be delivered directly over the Internet as a service. IAGON delivers these services by utilizing the vast capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to connect users to services and decentralized applications in a secure and efficient way. Easy to use features and functionalities are synced across all smart platforms for single users or full-blown enterprises.

Below are additional features and functionalities:

– Provision of cloud computing for processing tasks and for storage by joining the abundant computational capacities that are not used by personal smart device owners and data centers.
– Storage and processing will be fully protected by encryption on the blockchain. 100% secure and resistant to hacking.
– 24/7 operation of the storage grid, processing grid and the blockchain/tangle.
– Attracting large numbers of users and miners to match the demand and supply of storage and processing power.
– A crypto-token system that enables users of the storage and processing grid to pay for services that they consume (i.e. securely storing files and processing information) while those who contribute their resources to the grids benefit from these tokens. The tokens can be traded and converted to money via cryptocurrency exchanges.
– Harnessing together the storage capacities and processing power of multiple smart devices over a decentralized blockchain grid.
– Unique proprietary, secure and encrypted distributed storage solution that utilizes the blockchain/tangle and sharding protocols.
– Trusted and integrated decentralized applications within a single platform that serves any type of users from Fortune 500 companies, through SMEs to daily users.
– Miners generate revenue on Iagon platform by sharing their smart device’s resources, including storage and computing power.
– Integrated cryptocurrency wallets that help manage transactions across different decentralized applications.

The market is full of cloud solutions. What’s different about a blockchain-based one?

ND: The market is currently dominated by four major players: AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft and IBM. They all utilize central and less trusted storage and computation facilities. Due to their oligopolistic dominance, the four providers of cloud services set high pricing levels. These providers are also capable of hampering any competition and preventing new market entrants from competing with them, due to the broad scale of their operations and their substantial investments in data centers, servers, storage facilities and marketing. IAGON is able to compete with these companies by uniting multiple unused smart device resources into one grid and offering decentralized storage capacities and processing power over the blockchain/tangle grid with a competitive and lower pricing.

Will blockchain combined with AI and machine learning technologies accelerate the advent of general artificial intelligence (GAI)? This scary, monstrous entity that we probably should be afraid of?

ND: In general, people perceive AI as a scary technological advance. As we operate in the domain of AI and Big Data already for several years, we can surely say that AI can create major breakthroughs in medical research and treatment, provide safer autonomous cars (as computers tend to make less mistakes and react faster than humans) and in agriculture. These are only a few examples for the positive influence of AI on science and technology and would prefer to be optimistic about the possibilities that our well-being will improve by the AI technology. At some stage, probably when the use of AI powered robots will become more and more popular, the regulators will probably introduce legal guidelines for safe and responsible use of AI.

Interview by Przemyslaw Cwik
e-mail: p.cwik/at/bithub.pl