Bithub creates a special support group for all English-speaking Bitmarket victims

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Recently, the main subject of the Polish crypto landscape discussions is a BitMarket exchange scandal. Due to the exchange disappearing, thousands of clients lost access to their funds. 

Bitmarket scandal aftermath

As we know for today, BitMarket’s end is connected with multiple shady activities happening around it in recent time, also including hackers attack. At the moment we know that the number of funds owed to investors oscillates around 100 million PLN. The Polish National Prosecutor’s Office is already on the case. The legal process, however, will presumably take a long time.

To ensure smooth cooperation with people harmed by Bitmarket activity and Polish law enforcers, Bithub has already established a support group for all victims. We are aware of a great number of non-Polish speaking people that might have suffered capital loss in recent days. To help them we have established a new Facebook group as the mean to communicate and coordinate everyone who wants to seek damages from BitMarket.

If you are one of those people and seek assistance in terms of claims enforcement, do not hesitate to join us!

>Join the group here<