Protest in front of Polish Ministry of Finance in Warsaw


Today, at 1p.m  in Warsaw in front of the building of Polish Ministry of Finance (Świętokrzyska 12 Street)  traders of crypto and some of the main politics such as Jacek Wilk (from Liberty political party) and many main figures for polish cryptocurrencies community started their protest in response to guidelines for taxes on crypto, published by Polish Ministry of Finance.

The government’s decision as the cause of the protest

Ministry decided to put 1% tax of the total value on each crypto to crypto transaction and force traders to fill in and send special PCC (stamp duty) document each time they make transaction. Imagine somebody who is using bot to make many thousands transactions with a little profit. He would have to pay 1% tax and fill in as many thousands of paper sheets for every single transaction.

Participants before the beginning of protest

Today’s event was observed on Facebook approximately by 700 viewers and have met with interest of some journalists from public media. Over 1000 protester  gathered together with banners and slogans , like: “ We are free so we want freedom for our cryptocurrencies”, “We want to pay equal taxes” etc.

Protesters brought piles of PCC forms

Mission statement of this happening was-  “We want to pay easy taxes for crypto”. During  this happening people decided to make a competition for participants -they fill in the PCC form. Each person who brought PCC paper got token and t-shirt as a reward. That was their way of showing observer how hard, grind and needles is this action.

The meeting lasted 1,5 hour. Traders presented all their demands to undersecretary of finance Paweł Cybulski. Eventually, Polish Ministry of Finance decided to withdraw PCC (stamp duty) on cryptocurrencies. They planned another meeting to talk about the crypto to crypto taxes.There is still one issue because some of traders already paid PCC, so Ministry will have to make a solution .

Today’s picket, as expected, went very peacefully. The main aim was reached. This event caused the beginning of initializing effort for common good, which are fair taxes and equal regulation.