Bitmarket | Powerlessness of the foreigner

Problems with the administration of foreigners registered and legally working in our country are not new. Reluctance, lack of knowledge of English by officials, the police and similar public services is an acute problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. The question is, is it possible? If so, in what time perspective? How many more dramas and frustrations of these people must take place in order to sensitize public authorities in this matter?

I reached one of the victims in the Bitmarket case, who a few days ago wanted to report a suspicion of committing a crime at one of the Wrocław Police Offices. Unfortunately, without a satisfactory result. I asked for an interview. He agreed. He asked for anonymity.

What did you tell the Police and what did you want to do?

I told them about the Bitmarket scam I told them that I invested the money in and they closed their operations on 8th July without informing customers. So had a huge loss due to this action from Exchange and I want to register a complaint against them.

How did the policemen behave?

Police officer after hearing me told me to talk in Polish and as I don’t speak Polish he asked me to come with my Polish friends. I was bit nervous because there was no one who could even talk with me few words in English.

Did you ask for an interpreter? How did they react?

I was not aware about my rights that I can ask for interpreter in the Police station. I thought It might be my duty to bring a translator as I want to register a complaint. Also the Police was not even understanding other language except Police so I was not even able to tell him anything.

In the end, however, you managed to organize an interpreter? How was it and what happened next?

So I requested my Polish friend to come to Police station for explaining the case on behalf of me. We went to the same Police station as its near to my house at around 5 PM on 23rd July. My Friend explained the case to Police and then the Police again asked us to wait for some time because according to the Police such cases are handled by Some special officer who was out for some other invstigation. We waited for 2 more hours and again asked the police if they can call to this officer and can ask till when when he can come but the Police officer on duty told us that he can’t call this officer as he don’t want to disturb him in the middle of investigation. After this we went back to our homes. My friend told me that probably the Police don’t want to register the complaint and that’s why they are giving us various reasons. As I am a working professional I am not able to go to Police station every day and also I can’t take my Polish speaking friend to Police station whenever I want as they are also busy in their work. I am even afraid that the Police will not like that I am pressurising them to take my complaint.

What would you expect from Polish law enforcement agencies in such matters? What treatment would you expect?

I would like to request the Government that Poland is a EU country also its one of the beautiful tourist Place, now a days its also becoming fastly growing IT hub in Europe. There are lot of foreigners staying in the Country either for studies or for Job or as a Tourists. Everyone can’t speak Polish so dealing with such cases in Police station becomes very difficult especially for Non Polish speakers.

Are there such cases among your friends from outside Poland?

Yes. My friend also lost his huge investment in but as he is now in Germany he told me that if Police isn’t enrolling my complaint even if I am phycically present in Poland at Police station how come they will register his complaint as he isn’t in Poland now.

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