#SundayInterview. Foundations for the new banking

The answer to the banking crisis is building banks from scratch. Being rebuilt from zero, prepared for new environments, prepared for new economic models, prepared for new P2P networks, prepared for zero cost societies, prepared for freemium models, prepared for new commerce – says Salvador Casquero Algarra, Founding Partner & Co-CEO in 2getherbank, in Bithub.pl's #SundayInterview.
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Top cryptocurrencies in November 2017

November was without a doubt month of growths and records in cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin surpassed magical $10 000 for the first time in history. Also other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin…

#SundayInterview. Blockchain competition to LinkedIn

We are building SpringRole from the ground up, keeping all stakeholders in mind. Users are fairly incentivized with SRT as are attesters, ultimately providing a highly useful and validated resource for recruiters and prospective employers – says Kartik Mandaville, CEO in SpringRole, in continuation of last week's Bithub.pl's #SundayInterview.
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